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80 years all Italian
Bonaldo products are created in Italy.
Designed by the best designers, they are then made by our team of experts.
A production process that has been perfected over time, keeping its original values intact: creativity, quality and innovation.

An authentic Italian product. Truly.
Over seventy years of passion for design
Transforming ideas into designs and making items that can successfully interpret the requirements of the contemporary world, generating excitement at first sight.
The Bonaldo collection expresses continuously developing modernity, a path that attributes value to the experimentation of new materials and to partnerships with the best national and international designers.
Over seventy years of history, for creating items that become an individual memory.

The value of people
People, that is, the people on which a company's success is built. Men and women moved by a deep value shared with Bonaldo: work in terms of the desire to "do", commitment and interest. Because everyone has a task that they do best. Behind the continuous development of the company is the active participation of people who feel they belong to a group and create an atmosphere of cooperation, based on shared goals and a sense of responsibility.


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