company profile

Melogranoblu begins its activity in 1997 with Massimo Crema and Ermanno Rocchi who firstly give life to a decoration shop-atelier based in Verona, focused on the decoration of their own production of objects and furniture, little creations and art and craft lamps, then developing into a big international company.

The starting point it’s the free and clear look with which the company give a soul to the objects and an atmosphere to the space. An open vision, regardless of labels, able to get through the barriers of time, of geography and of cultural matrix, knowing that assonance and contrasts can be the two faces of the same medal, just like light and darkness.

Ermanno RocchiThe ideal tension that moves Melogranoblu is always the willingness to give back value to decoration, inside the world of design where the naked functionality often delete the borders of unexpected, surprise and magic.

That of Melogranoblu is an immaterial, light and transparent atmosphere, in a never sooth tension between poetry and needs, art and functionality. Objects, spaces, places take unpredictable shapes thanks to the light, the point of view, the fantasy of the viewer, in a synthesis of beauty, style, shape and technology.

Thanks to its strong decorative impact, the production of Melogranoblu has been soon recognized as an extraordinary scenographic element able to completely characterize the space.

Thanks to the close relationship with the world of design, they gain a position in the contract sector, with prestigious supplies all over the world.