company profile

Elmar has been standing out as a leader in the world of fitted kitchens in its quality and service since 1978.

The company was set up in Biancade (Treviso) as an idea and concept by Ivo De Colle. The desire to blend tradition and contemporary living created a dynamic brand with a strongly defined character, which gained a firm foothold in the market by bringing new quality and unusual identities into the sector.

Stefano De Colle joined the company in 1991. The advent of the second generation saw kitchen designs that were even more innovative, distinctive and unique within the market beginning to take shape. The classic idea of the kitchen, conceived as a space solely dedicated to food preparation, gave way to new interpretations: it started to become a place for people to get together, sharing and enjoying everyday life.

In 2007 Stefano De Colle, CEO Elmar, and his wife Olga Cabrioni, Elmar’s architect and Project Manager, embarked on a new design and strategy route with the company’s art directors and designers, internationally renowned architects Ludovica+Roberto Palomba. This was an important shared mission in a quest for design, style and quality in the kitchen environment. Elegant fitted kitchen solutions, designed to satisfy a huge range of tastes with well-equipped, detailed collections offering a blend of hallmark design and functionality, were thus created.

In 2008, Stefano De Colle_CEO Elmar joined the Board of Directors of the Kitchens Group Assarredo, where is confirmed three years later, in 2011, ensuring so his commitment to propose innovation and concreteness in the field.

Every Elmar kitchen is a world within a world and the home of flavours, delicious scents, taste sensations and emotions. The extreme versatility of the collections lets this space be reinvented with a few special touches, transforming it into a multi-functional, dynamic environment.

Elmar observes society, listens to consumer opinions and interprets daily living with a new lexicon.