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Early in his existence man transformed the gifts of nature and created objects in his own image. His imagination and creativity led him to shape vases and clay pots, he decorated his Temples and Churches with bronze statues and he used glass jewels ornaments to seduce.

All over the world, on the banks of the Tigris and Euphrates, from the Nile through China and the Indies, the techniques have improved and brought unique masterpieces to life. This know-how has been passed from generation to generation down to the present day.

Today, artists still shape hand-blown glass artwork, craftsmen hand-shape and polish BULL & STEIN bronze apples, cultivating a thousand-year old tradition. The mere heat of their hands combined with delicate moves of a caress reshape the clay into unique ceramic sculptures.

BULL  & STEIN sustains this heritage, travelling the world, searching for craftsmen who perpetuate traditional, ancestral techniques: Artists able to express feelings that reach the heart of the child in us – Masters in their field, who look for beauty and purity that can touch the soul and set our senses in motion – Sculptors who leave the impress of their fingers on their artwork, such a signature – making it unique.

BULL  & STEIN calls on and commissions the best factories in Brasil, Portugal, India and Hungary – centres of traditional craftsmanship.

BULL & STEIN is unique:

  • Unique like „Transparences“, hand-blown glass apple-shaped sculptures made up of sand
  • Singular like clay and organic pigments combining and becoming giant „fruits céramiques“
  • Inimitable like tin and copper bringing life to timeless „cast bronze“, impressive apple-shaped bronze sculptures

Welcome to BULL & STEIN‘s world!

BULL  & STEIN, a Brazilian-German collaboration, was founded in São Paulo by Cynthia Stein and Marcus Bull in 2000. The company has been celebrating a decade of business success in manufacturing and distribution of premium quality ceramic sculptures worldwide. Shortly after BULL & STEIN´s global launch, the famous Brazilian artist and designer Lisa Pappon joined the company and developed her extravagant collection of ceramic apple sculptures exclusively for BULL & STEIN. The Brazilian-born founder Marcus Bull then moved the company‘s headquarters to Germany, where Marcus had been working as Director of Bildhauerwerkstatt Berlin, a world famous sculpture workshop in Berlin.

Marcus‘s love and passion for art and sculpture is perfectly matched with Lisa Pappon‘s eternal quest for new forms, techniques and finishes. Soon after the introduction, the creative team of BULL & STEIN has successfully introduced an exotic and outstanding collection to world markets. BULL & STEIN is focused on the delivery of outstanding concepts with the world‘s most famous international decorators, architects and artists. Today BULL & STEIN manufactures its unique handcrafted apple sculptures in Europe and Asia. BULL & STEIN is a registered trade mark and only original sculptures of the company bear the unique