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It was at the end of the Fifties when Movi began its work, research and experimentation led by the Viganò families of Carugo (Como).

During the Seventies the company proved and consolidated itself in the field of partition panels.

Since the beginning it has worked to identify and meet the objective needs of increasingly careful and diverse users; the result is optimal function combined with a special focus on design, service and finishes.

The company’s approach to design and the use of increasingly innovative and modern methodologies were, and continue to be, its principal tool of expression.

Today, MOVI S.r.l. is one of the leading companies in the design and manufacture of doors, sliding panels, walls and accessories for walk-in closets and serves as a point of reference in research, innovation and overall quality.

Movi has an internal technical office dedicated to research and engineering, an important resource that has developed original and innovative solutions.

It’s not by chance that several Movi components and products are patented, including the Uni_Verse® door.

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