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Caccaro is an industrial company that promotes and makes the most of its craftsman’s soul in a harmonious balance of shapes and production processes hovering between innovation and tradition. It is in constant change but always stays true to itself.

Experience and specialisation
Since its foundation in 1958 the company has rooted its strategy by focussing on specialisation, translated into the production of bedroom furniture.
Over the years it has carefully followed the evolution that this important space in the house has undergone:  from a secluded and private area the traditional bedroom has become a more open, freer and modular environment in today’s style of living. This passage has led the company to devise three production lines: wardrobes, beds and furnishing complements. The collections are constantly being expanded with new products that interact with each other while remaining free thereby giving full range to personal interpretations.  

Strong values
Underlying Caccaro operations there are simple concepts: careful but functional design, research into technologies and industrial production processes blending with the craftsman’s know-how and attention and care over the materials used. A path that has never been strayed from guaranteeing the company’s success and identity: a benchmark in bedrooms.
Every product is the fruit of teamwork, carried on by skilled workers from various areas and all made in Italy in the Caccaro plants.

A careful selection because they are essential for the  quality and value of the products. Plies with top-grade essences, full grain leathers, natural fabrics with various textures.
Wood however is the main ingredient in Caccaro production.
In order to bring out the full quality of this material, the company has brought the open pore finish technology to its maximum expression, with the use of water-based products that are safe and environmentally friendly in the painting processes. That is Natural Wood, pride of a company with a decade of experience in this working process. In a finish by which the look and feel of all wood characteristics are preserved, the grain is highlighted and no two pieces are the same.     

Perfect compositional balance for the shapes born from the outstanding production processes informed by craftsman’s experience but take on board the new technologies.
The extreme functionality of every manufactured article because the company has accumulated unique knowledge of the requirements of bedroom living over fifty years of experience.
Care in the detail enlivens every piece to guarantee furniture with a discrete presence and personality.

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