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Tekno continues the great traditions of contemporary design. For over ten years, it has reinterpreted that tradition in its high quality products.

Everything Tekno produces today epitomizes style, elegance and a perfect harmony of shapes, in keeping with contemporary taste and individual client's specific requirements.

All tekno furniture and accessories are manufactured using meticulously selected materials, the product of cutting-edge technologies and a unique craftsmanship.

Our young dynamic, highly specialized staff contribute to our company's flexibility and continued expansion. The overall structure of the company is a guarantee of the highest standards of quality, a knowledged and appreciated in many countries of the world.

Through innovation and tradition, the exclusive nature of Tekno products its achieved by combining a careful use of ancient materials with the purity of functional modern style. Consistent with its proud tradition, Tekno is recognised as the unrivalled creator of sophisticated yet unpretentious modern style, in which each product retains its own individuality. 

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