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Ladies and gentlemen it is my distinct pleasure to welcome you to EMVY! This printed catalogue along with our website is another useful, while a more traditional way to acquaint you with our furniture.

Regardless where we come across, in our collection you will find our ideas, displayed in innovative yet timeless designs. You will be witness to our meticulous attention to detail combined with top-drawer materials from industry acclaimed enterprises, resulting to hand-crafted products of sublime quality.

It’s been a roller coaster ride these past few years, a time of intense creativity, self-expression and long hours of hard work. It hasn’t been easy and required loads of personal effort for all of this to come together.

We here at EMVY aim to offer you furniture that is worthy enough to find their place in your space. EMVY is furniture that you will obtain with your heart and enjoy ceaselessly in the years to come while never failing to indulge you. It is what we aspire to be – the quintessence of EMVY furniture ownership.

Vassilis Emmanouil
CEO – Art Director 

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